Can I get some feedback on this photo I retouched?

Started Sep 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ronny Harris Veteran Member • Posts: 7,135
Eye opening tut...

Here is one way that I open eyes. The first thing to do is to rotate a copy of the background image until the eyes are exactly lined up horizontally. I use a guide line and the transform tool.

Next, use the marquee rectangular tool to jump the eyes to a new layer.

Use the transform tool to increase the height. I increased this one to 130%. Change the layer mode to Difference and move up with the up arrow until the lower lids are lined up.

Change back to normal mode, hide with a mask, and mask the eye and upper lid back in. Leave the lower lid unchanged.

Finally, merge down the eye layer and rotate the image back to the baseline using the Difference mode.


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