Cheap ultrawide - 12/2.0 versus a defished 7.5

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Re: Stretched pixels (example photo)

For comparison purposes, here is your original photo with the Image Trends Fisheye Hemi 2 filter applied:

The lines in the ceiling tiles still have some curve, but the overall width of the shot is mostly preserved, and the column at the far right is not widened a whole lot. If you want to completely "de-fish," the Image Trends filter may not be the best for closeup shots of structures like this, but it works very well for some types of shots.

I've also been using Kenw's profiles for certain types of shots. The rectilinear is the most aggressive at defishing, but it does stretch out parts of the image at either side, as well as cropping. The stereographic profile does a partial defish but gives pleasing results with certain types of shots.

I just got my Rokinon fairly recently, but playing with Kenw's profiles and the Image Trends filter (which cost me $18 using a coupon code) allows a variety of results, letting me choose which works best for the particular shot.

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