M-Monochrom - severe highlight clipping?

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Re: M-Monochrom - severe highlight clipping?

Jose Salcedo wrote:

Your impression is groundless. I use the Monochrome and have no issue whatsoever with highlight clipping, even under harsh illumination conditions.
Best regards,
Jose Salcedo


I am very pleased to hear that you are not having issues with highlight clipping. I have a Monochrom on order and hope to receive it soon (Actually, can't wait for it to arrive).

However, I have been concerned with a number of the images posted as they do in fact exhibit very abrupt and harsh transitions with clipped highlights.

Would you be so kind as to elaborate on what camera settings you have been using. For example, have you had to set the exposure compensation for -1 or -2 stops? Do you meter on the brighter areas of a scene to compensate, etc?

Thanks for your help.

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