*User* opinions sought - Olympus 17 pancake

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Re: *User* opinions sought - Olympus 17 pancake

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Size, simple as that. If using small primes I wouldn't be carrying the 14-45. This is also the reason I haven't yet bought the Sigma 30 - it's not particularly big but it's hardly small either. The 14-45 when used would be the only lens I would be carrying.

The Sigma 30mm is not a pancake, but it's certainly small. It's a brilliant lens and its rendering is different from Oly/Panny lenses, at least the ones I have tested. I have also considered the Oly 17mm to fill the gap between 14mm and 30mm. It seems like a good lens. I notice that many people seem to compensate for the lack of resolution with excessive sharpening in pp. It's very obvious as pictures shot with Oly 17mm often have halo and jagged edges/diagonals.

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