Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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RE: negative attitudes

By "It is what it is" I meant to say:

the outcome of history is what it is...

Whether Sony or anyone else would have done better with the Foveon sensor is highly debatable (although I am not going to involve myself in such a useless "what if" discussion).

The sensor has certain strengths and certain limits, as does the Bayer sensor, or any other type sensor for that matter.

As far as technical flaws are concerned: go to the other forums and read the plethora of complaints about technical issues, lens issues, etc. Is is actually drenched with complaints.

And apparently, because of these technical glitches (which are indeed annoying if not disappointing) which all camera makers now have to face, trolls are being born everywhere.

Imperfection leads to trollism. But all trolls' life juice is pure negativity and pessimism.

If you ask me, a very unhealthy mental attitude.

End of my comments here.

Troll away if you must, but ultimately you will be the loser, because you will never be able to enjoy photography, because that box of metal, plastic and glass you hold in you hand will always work against you, because you are such a nitpicker.

Believe me, manufacturers will keep on doing their best to make things as perfect as they can be; competition demands that as well. But for us to be drowning ourselves in negativity and trying to get support for it is trollism at its worst.

Don't be an addict to negativity is all I am advocating. The glass is half full. Constructive criticism (and you better write to camera makers directly, because we here can't do a darn thing about it here!) ensures that the glass will become 3/4 full, 8/9 full, and perfectly full one day, we hope.

To me the DP2M is like a certain type of film: limited, but within its limitation fantastically brilliant.

The end.

We will all soar higher and higher through the spirit of optimism, courage and endurance, as well as the philosophy of try-try-try-again.

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