OM-D with- or without a lens??

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Re: OM-D with- or without a lens??

OniMirage wrote:

How is sharpness a function? It is a result, a sum of the parts that allowed the camera and its cooperating system to take an image the clarity of which has no function it is simply, a result. How is the ability of the lens to counter the E-M5 shutter shock a function? With no acknowledgement on the problem though we can test it there isn't a single lens designed specifically to counter it. How is bulk/weight a function? Though the size of a lens can dictate where it can fit in small quarters its use as lens does not change and the fatigue one endures to use it has no part in its usefulness or function of performing as a camera lens.

But alas you have answered it all in only a few words...

Sharpness is a means to the end for which cameras and lenses are designed: that of taking technically good pictures. Same for the OIS system. Same also for bulk/weight. You can't use a lens unless you carry it, which is easier if it is small and light. The paint on the lens, by contrast, does not normally affect its use.

As to shutter shock, I didn't say this or any other lens was specifically designed to counteract it. However, we can test whether it does so (I have done it) and appreciate the fact that it does nevertheless.

That gets us to exactly the same conclusion as the one I already spelled out, which is the proper one

Your way or the highway I see. No point in continuing.

You are certainly right about that.

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