Any point to >300dpi printing?

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Re: Any point to >300dpi printing?

Dots on paper, pixels in image

BlueTrain wrote:

If pro quality prints usually use 300dpi

Hmm, not exactly. Many labs state a requirement for 300 pixels per inch (ppi) not dots per inch (dpi), but probably based on a doubling of the resolution used for offset printing (magazines, etc) of 150 lines per inch (lpi). It is rather arbitrary, although it is close to the value of what the human eye can resolve at reading distance.

Printers have a native input resolution which in turn is related to the output resolution. The screening resolution, the input resolution use when converting from RBG images to CMYK printing dots, varies from printer to printer.

Epson inkjet printers have output resolutions of 720 dpi, 1440 dpi, 2880 dpi, etc. The best input resolution for these has been shown to be 360 ppi. Canon and HP printers tend to give better results with input resolutions of 300 ppi.

There is some discussion over when having exceeded the native screening resolution, if it is better to resize down or up. For example if you have 450 ppi, is it better to go down to 300 ppi or up to 600 ppi. With a program like Adobe Lightroom you can simply set it to 300 ppi and let LR deal with it. QImage will automatically deal with it without user intervention.

We are really talking about optimization here, and providing you have enough pixels to cover the resolution of the print, you will not see a whole lot of difference between say 240 and 400 ppi.

start to sacrifice on other counts (e.g. using more ink?)

Input resolution isn’t going to have an effect on ink usage, the printer is still printing at 1440 or 2880 dpi. And even changing the output resolution will have little effect on ink use. Think about it: if you put out less ink you would end up with a lighter and less saturated image, not just a lower rez print. If you up the output rez, then you spread approximately the same amount of ink over more dots.

Brian A

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