Beware of sites offering 'OEM' software

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Beware of sites offering 'OEM' software

Hi, Just an fyi to others, I saw a reference to a piece of software selling at a reputable store as 'OEM'.

That got me thingking and I googled OEM software.

Saw what looked like amazing deals, with ostensibly logical reasoning for the prices which were less than a third of the regular retail.

But, to be cautious, I goodled OEM software retailers, then read some blogs about fraud etc.

One I came across showed me how to chck th domain and authenticity of the site.

A check for one site, that looked pretty 'good' on the front of it, showed that it was not located in UK as it seemed to portray, but was registered to an individual in the Eastern bloc.

My understanding is that this is probably cracked or pirated software, being sold as OEM.

So, a head up, unless youn know for sure that the site is reputable such as B&H, Amazon or Adorama etc, DO NOT trust those saying they are providing OEM software for cheap.

Hope this saves someone a few bucks.

By the wya, one site to check a domain location is

Go Daddy dot come.¤cytype=usd

.....Just from an amateur......'Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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