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Re: Luddite sub-thread

Guy Parsons wrote:

I guess the Luddites should gather in this section, the techites can make another sub-thread.

I'm not a Luddite of any sort, but...

For me I wish cameras would stay as cameras. Just do that function properly and forget all the silly add-on features. Hell, even throwing the Scene modes in the trash would be a bonus for me as it is definitely a wasted mode dial spot.

...this gets a bug thumbs-up from me. There's a place for cameras with scene modes and "art filters" but that's not the prime function of a camera for my purposes . I don't mind them being there if they don't get in my way or displace features that are more useful for image capture, but if they do I choose something else to spend my money on.

As a "prime" example (sorry!) I moved from micro 4/3 to NEX a couple of years ago because I was finding the Panasonic sensors very limiting, especially regarding dynamic range. I actually liked the NEX cameras but used none of the native lenses (I used legacy MF lenses) hoping that things would change... and they have, but not the way I expected.

Instead of providing more of the basic tools needed for good image making - like lenses, say - Sony chose to jump on the "smart camera" bandwagon with their latest imminent new offerings. I made a decision very quickly, selling all my NEX bits before they became seen as worthless "so last-year" in this age of technology fashion and bough a E-M5 with the proceeds.

To prove my Ludditeness I don't even own a cell phone, people can ring-ring me at home and I may answer.

Oh I have a nice phone with GPS, maps and stuff that are very handy indeed while I'm out walking the hills. But it's just an "ancient" Motorola Milestone running Android 2.1 and I have absolutely no intention of "upgrading" it any time soon

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