D800 24-85 V 24-120 test with images OMG!

Started Sep 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
eyedo Contributing Member • Posts: 655
Re: D800 24-85 V 24-120 test with images OMG!

What gets me is we pay all this money for the camera and the lens and you can't even have an image that is sharp bright and clear from end to end?

I've used Nikon on and off since the 60s...Recently purchased the OLY OMD and with a prime on that camera all the images look better than anything Nikon or Canon that I've used.

Go figure..

I need the DSLR pro bodies for work since micro 4/3 does not track as well but I sure hope these newer systems get Nikon and Canon to step up to the IQ plate.

Still hating my D7000 that gets oil all over the sensor as well as decides to get focus issues out of the blue.

Bah humbug, at least I have a Fuji x100 with no real issues since the firmware upgrade and don't have to lug a 20 pound bag to get fun photos.

All of these DSLR camera issues sure can take the joy out of shooting.At least for me.

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