D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

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Re: D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

studio460 wrote:

Andre Affleck wrote:

. . . So, the only way for the test to be fair, you must give each camera the same number of photons to play with. Only after they receive the same number of photons can you judge how well they can process those photons . . .

I suppose that's the argument I was attempting approach in my video camera discussion earlier (albeit, perhaps a bit too-remote of an analogy).However, after the many quote-within-quote posts here since (which makes it somewhat difficult to follow), I think your post makes the point in the clearest manner (at least to me it did).

Now, back to my video camera analogy: I used to test 2/3" broadcast video cameras using the identical light level (e.g., 20 fc). Both cameras would be set to their "base ISO," which in a broadcast camera, is referred to as 0dB (there are no "ISO" settings in typical ENG-style video cameras). The difference in f-stop required to achieve the same recorded luminance (judged with a chip chart and a waveform monitor) gave me an indication of each camera's relative sensitivity, which was the objective of my particular tests.

This sounds similar, but did these video cameras record higher fidelity raw data to which the final video was processed to (similar to higher bit depth RAWs)? If not, then It sounds more comparable to testing in-camera jpgs since the entire video processing pipeline resides within the camera.

Also, when a video camera was set to 0 db, were they indeed at unity gain or were manufacturers alotted the luxury to be able to stray (amplify but still call it 0db) in accordance to a standard?

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