Photo Perzon. Did he have the last laugh?

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Comparison photos between 12MP m4/3 and RX100

highwave wrote:

so so much for the childish claims of the Sony RX100 beating the 12MP m43 sensors in ISO (let alone the laughable claims of it beating them by 3 full stops!)

The RX100 lags behind the ancient 12MP m43 sensors in ISO performance. Forget about the not so ancient m43 sensors (GH2, GX1, E-M5)

Here are comparison photos between the 12MP m43 sensor and the RX100 under high-ISO low-light conditions.

At the same ISO settings, the RX100 is clearly better (less noise & better details).

Now compare the M43 ISO 1,600 against the RX100 ISO 6,400 photo. The RX100 is still better. Try reading the very fine writings on the label spines.

So the RX100 is clearly 2 stops better. Unfortunately he did not take any M43 photos at ISO 800, but if he did, you would find they look about the same as the RX100 at ISO 6,400, or about 3 stops.

You can argue whether the RX100 is 2 or 3 stops better, but it is better.

Given that M43 is double the sensor area, that tells me either the RX100 has a pretty good sensor, or the 12MP M43 has a pretty poor sensor, or some combination thereof.

And we haven't even compared it against the hand-held multi-frame noise reduction features on the RX100, which supposedly adds another stop of improvement. I find on my E-PL2 that the raws under low-light high-ISO have very little headroom for improvement. I haven't yet tried the RX100 raws.

I have no bones to pick here - I have an E-PL2 and an RX100.

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