Mieke grip vs Nikon grip d800

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Re: Mieke grip vs Nikon grip d800

I've been to busy using my D800 with my Mieke grip and panoply of third party lenses to read the manual. But now that I think about it I am certain that my use of Pentax m42 lenses with a lens less adapter (no infinity focus, great close to intermediate focus) caused my battery door to fall off. Meanwhile a tree (I fought the tree and the tree won) helped my card slot door to break.

Now I am just waiting for my third party focusing screen to arrive so I can throw out the stock screen. I also built a home brew power supply.

For me photography is a stress reliever from my job. F in up a $3000 camera while having a blast is more my style than worrying about a warranty being voided. On the other hand if you happen to show up where I work I will do all I can to ensure you get the best medical care possible.

Douglas Film

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