Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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And It's all just "Attitude" from any position taken here...

adegroot wrote:

Another totally mute discussion rooted in negativity and lack of appreciation and gratitude: it is what it is.

Even though what it "is" is essentially just little more that a barely supportive (technically speaking) black brick with a decent sensor entombed inside it and an excellent lens attached to the front of it?

I am grateful that Sigma made the commitment. They may very well have the last laugh eventually. The DP2M is a great leap further in the right direction.

No... ONLY the sensor, and the lens mounted (on this pretty much, same ol' same ol' standard DP-series body) is "a great leap forward". Everything else about the camera is decidedly status -- as in: Sigma innovating in-place/. About the only technological/operational body/performace "direction" the DP line is going is most assuredly sideways at best....

Check out Steve Huff's fairly accurate assessment of this new DP2M. He loved the IQ, but is giving the camera back to Sigma for many of the same operation no-go's that the DP series (and all other Sigma branded cameras for that matter) have always suffered from...VERY SUBSTANDARD TECHNOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE.

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