Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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And Your "Ignore" - ances are far Less than real Bliss

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

stevielee wrote:

..., but once again, needlessly encumbered by one of Sigma Corp's versions of their perennially neolithic, almost embarrassingly hobbled black blocked "bodies"

Which others have stated in reviews has an excellent build quality.

that excruciatingly struggles to just try and process a single, simply capture, let alone more technologically sophisticated tasks like multiple exposers in a modern manner

How is 4FPS until the buffer fills not modern? It doesn't "struggle" to process an image, it allows you to take another shot or adjust settings at any time you might like to do so.

, or allowing for a circa 2012 type of higher resolution LCD for basic reviewing, since Sigma seems to have never heard of either an EVF, or short of that, at least include a OVF for more detailed and accurate composing/focusing.

The DP-2M rear LCD is excellent and modern in every way.

They have heard of an EVF and opted not to burden users with gimmicks.

Unless there is some king of a dramatic technological turnaround (via deeper investing in R&D, and/or Sigma Corps willingness to perhaps at least license third party features for inclusion in any new Foveon sensor cameras), then there will continue to be little in the way of these types of necessary, and much belated advancement on all Sigma branded cameras in the foreseeable future.

Yeah we've heard that for years and now I have a pocket camera that bests a D800 with all but the best glass.

So now that you've QUITE displayed your exact level of ignorance, would you like to add more so as to remove all doubt?

The DP1/2M could have easily been one of the great, compact digital imaging tools of the year (2012-2013), had Sigma been able and willing to go the extra mile and bring at least one of their digital camera models up to a modern technological snuff.

Oh you DID wish to remove all doubt! Apparently you have forgot to read any DP-2M reviews whatsoever before espousing on a topic you know less than nothing about (willful ignorance taking such a effort to maintain and all).

What they have decidedly done (released) instead: is one of the most interesting digital sensors in around, and put some of their very best glass in front of it - and essentially then called it a day...or a DP1/2M.

Yeah because I and other people didn't care about having good images, so none of THAT matters! Even though all I have left after a shot is the image captured the body is SO much more important so you can dazzle your pals with it or whatever.

Paying $1000 buck for basically just the sensor and the lens in front of it (no matter how good either of them are individually, or together) won't ultimately cut it with what the best of the rest in compact digital imaging have to offer..

Many people seem to be disagreeing with you, all across the internet. For once you have firmly planted your foot on the most unstable of soil, the other just as firmly in your mouth.

Ah yes!!!! Sigma's official ambassador on these forums does his usual point by point snip-pity schtick.

Ya gotta just keep on plugging (flack for) the little black brick with a decent sensor a bit more. Gosh! Maybe you can single-handedly fist pump-up the DP1/2M's sales to numbers that approach a days worth of OMD sales...

And the next time you go and take on your overly person umbrage at anything that's not exactly Sigma certified/ by your great Foveon'ed high-ness, perhaps it's also your own personal ignor -ance that is very much in play as well....

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