Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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Re: Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photograph

KM Legacy wrote:

Paying $1000 buck for basically just the sensor and the lens in front of it (no matter how good either of them are individually, or together) won't ultimately cut it with what the best of the rest in compact digital imaging have to offer..

Did you look at the Luminous Landscape review of the DP2M? That lens+sensor just happens to beat any other APS-C camera, including the 24 MP Sony NEX-7, for low-ISO IQ. (I suspect it would embarrass most FF cameras also.) When I was lugging around bulky medium film cameras only about a decade ago, the prospect of having a tiny camera which could give similar IQ at lower cost, with instant review and all the other advantages of digital, would have seemed like heaven. A lot of the greatest pictures ever made were taken with cameras far slower than a Sigma. But if you just want a generic camera with all kinds of gimmicky "special effects" and the ability to shoot lots of inferior images quickly, and you want to be able to boast that your camera has the latest & greatest specs, then the Sigma DP is not for you.

Having decent shot-to-shot processing and respectable (usable) AF performance, along with consistent, reliable, and also state-of-the art imaging output across a wider (usable) ISO spectrum - as well as the ability to compose pictures via an onboard OVF is hardly "gimmicky" and "special effects". They are rightly considered by the vast majority of enthusiast and advanced photographers who want and/or require higher IQ imaging performance as pretty basic and essential elements of working with a more fully integrated digital camera experience and consistent output.

MR over at LL can rave on and on about this and that (I remember the time he actually compared what I believe was a Canon P&S G10 as competing quite favorably with a large sensor, high MP medium format DSLR, and posted examples of it doing just that to boot) -- but even he concedes that these new DPM Sigma's are fairly crude technologically operating devices -- outside of it's sensor and the lens mounted in front.. And if that's all you, and others really and truly "care" about when it comes to your utilizing photography in the everyday, then by all means figure out how you can shoehorn some bare MF sensor inside a empty black box with some decent glass affixed to the front of the box at an appropriate distance to the sensor and you're all good to go.

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