(stupid question?) Less than 1.0x teleconverter?

Started Jan 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
brian Senior Member • Posts: 1,210
Re: Blocked by a Kodak patent...

Designing focal reducers to fit 35mm SLR lenses onto mirrorless Sony NEX and m4/3 cameras is most definitely feasible. The design isn't easy because there is very little room to work with, but if the magnification is restricted to 0.7x it can work surprisingly well at large apertures. Prepare yourself for optics as fast as f/0.90 by attaching a 0.7x (more accurately, 0.707x) reducer to an f/1.2 (more accurately, f/1.2599) SLR lens. And the reducer actually improves the MTF of the lens its attached to since it de-magnifies the aberrations.

Expect some interesting news later this Fall.

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