Creating Reflections of People-Need help

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Re: Creating Reflections of People-Need help

Good points. In this particular situation, my aim is to create a realistic reflection of a woman standing in a room with a polished tile floor. The furniture is already reflected so I need to create one of her, or at least most of her reflected in the glossy floor also.

joe filer wrote:

You have to be very careful on the reflection image that you use to create something that is believable. The most glaring errors that I have seen frequently are where a car is placed on a simulated reflective surface and the same image of the car is flipped and used for the reflection. The results wouldn't fool anybody! In reality, the reflected image would show much of the underside of the car and not details visible from the original viewing angle. The perspective is usually wrong too.

Reflections are more easily created from flat objects (text) or 3-D graphics where the dimensional detail can be changed to match the viewing angle.
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