Samsung GX-10: Really the same as K10d?

Started Sep 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marc Sabatella Veteran Member • Posts: 6,679
Re: Samsung GX-10: Really the same as K10d?

cmeier wrote:

Remember that depending on the lens your are using, the camera will override your metering mode. E.g. for K and M lenses, IIRC, only spot metering is available, even if you set the switch to center-weighted or pattern.

Not quite - while pattern (aka multisegment) metering is not available with K/M lenses, center weighted is. But you're right - it's the fact that K/M lenses use different metering by default that leads to an initial impression of underexpose. ALso a matter that many first time DSLR users are accustomed to the tricks played by P&S cameras to avoid the appearance of underexposure (including deliberately overexposing highlights, etc). But once you learn how DSLR metering works, you find all DSLR's are about the same.

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