Fuji and Olympus OMD users....

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Re: Fuji and Olympus OMD users....

Agreed Ray is the man on this topic. I also referred much to this forum and Ray's and Gerald Gay's postings helped a lot.

I personally ended up with both. I was already a little invested in m4/3 as I had a couple of lenses and a GF1 so the OMD was a significant upgrade and I handed the GF1 to a friend. As mentioned the Fuji IQ is very good and I enjoy using it, the AF can be frustrating in low contrast situations but the upcoming update promises an improvement so shall wait and see.

For my usage the combo of the two I am hoping will enable me to replace the FF canon gear as I don't need 3 systems. Two is a stretch as I can hand one to the wife while we are on trips together.

Overall the OMD is the more mature product with the tech built in and the lens system availability. I guess if I had to chose only one I would go with the OMD but in combination is where they both really shine!

Hope that helps. Happy to answer any specifics, just post. O you can check some of my images on the link below, a combination of Xpro1, OMD and 5D2


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