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Andrew Hodgkinson
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Re: Summary: at ISO200, 12.5 EV DR, 1/2 EV less than D800

maceoQ wrote:

Maybe you mean -0.7 ISO 100, or +0.7 ISO 200?

No, I mean +0.7 ISO 100 (or ISO 200 for that matter - I did a number of comparison shots of a real world scene and I couldn't detect any significant difference in apparent DR / highlight recovery ability at either).

The Merrill sensor is extremely sensitive to shadow desaturation, even at ISO 100. Colour drops out sharply and completely. However, its highlight behaviour is still excellent. Thus, the aim is to overexpose a little; highlights will probably not blow within the raw file, but shadows will have much more colour and detail. The JPEG will be useless but who would seriously spend £800 on a DP2m or £1K+ on an SD1m and shoot in JPEG?

The DP2m itself tends to expose either reasonably well, or underexpose slightly; this is the exact opposite of what you want. Thus, +0.7 EV. I did a load of tests and on average that's about the best bet, though it's a bit of a guessing/judgement game as not all scenes merit that treatment. I'm getting better at it.

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