D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

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Re: Evidence? Here are the RAWs+ACR

Or better yet, take a look at the D4 & 1DX, which is what this thread was initially about. This isn't a Canon forum, and no one here cares how the 1DX compares to the 5DIII.

Mikael Risedal wrote:
If you say so
I will take a look at higher iso

XeroJay wrote:

Yeah, you chose specifically just the iso3200 result since it could possibly illustrate your point (though it's probably just a focus difference and you know it), and you ignore ALL the other files and evidence which would support and prove your theory wrong. You're actually looking specifically for a sample to support your own theory, and ignoring everything that doesn't.

That, my friend, is a perfect example of your own favorite word.

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