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I have one in Comp. Gallery

I am out of here to set up a booth at a three day art/music festival. I shall return Sunday Night.

Kim R wrote:

I am not Kevdog but Kevdog is your MOD for Challenge #116 -'Animals'

"Both pets and wild, people are always facinated with animals. Give us your best animal picture."

As always, our Challenge is about enjoying, sharing, and building one's skills and knowledge in Photography. Our "votes" at the theme conclusion have two purposes: feedback to the photographers, and as a means, over time, to share the opportunity of choosing our next theme. It's never about "winning." The points-allocation will begin promptly after entry closing time.

Challenge Structure: Each photographer may post up to three entries in the Comp Gallery and up to three entries in the Exhibition Gallery. Only entries in the Comp Gallery will be eligible for points. The photo receiving most points will be “Top Pick” from among the Comp images. Its photographer will choose the next theme, and will host that round.

In addition to "Top Pick" photograph, the photographer whose total of entries in Comp accumulate the most total points will earn acknowledgement of his/her overall accomplishment.

Entries for the Comp Gallery must be shot and entered during the open period, and shot using an Olympus camera.

Exhibition Gallery entries may be shot with any brand camera, and at any time and will not be included in the points-allocation. Entries may be uploaded to the Ex Gallery until the end of the voting period.

Entry files must have exif intact, and displayed in the gallery to include a title and the Photographer's name used on the OTF dpr forum.

Shooting & Entry Period: Open period for Comp Gallery begins as of this post and ends at 13:30 UTC/GMT on the 10th of September 2012, which includes two full weekends (+) of opportunity to shoot. Voting promptly follows close of the shooting/entry period. Uploads to Ex Gallery may be made until the end of the points-allocation ("voting") period.
World Clock link:

Link to Comp. Gallery:
Link to Exhibition Gallery:

Entry Size: Please keep entries about 800 pixels on the long side, and image file size around 200kb. For details, please see Guidelines (Image Size) at:

Password to post images in the galleries during Entry Submission is "blueplay" (without the quote marks).
Guidelines will be general and as seen here in OTF Olympus Camera Challenges

There is a lot of info on ^this page^, so check it out first if you have questions.

Note: If your questions or suggestions are about OTF Challenges in general please send them to the Email Link provided at the end of Challenge Guidelines Gallery.

For questions specifically about this Challenge you're welcome to post them in this thread -- other members will be glad to offer assistance.

Questions and Suggestion Link (with email link included):
Also, you can just PM questions to the theme host through dpr's PM channel.

If you have any questions or need help posting images, please do not hesitate to ask.
Good luck and Good Shooting!!

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