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Re: Humming Bird

Alton (TN) wrote:

Hey Kenn

Did you nail the humming bird with a super zoom? I have been using a 7D and lately even a 5D MKIII for humming birds.

I have a difficult time using either of those on humming birds, but apparently you nailed one with a super zoom. I don't even try with my SX-40.

BTW, all of your pictures are beautiful, birds or not!

Hi Alton, nice to see you posting.

The 5D/400 must be incredible... to shoot ISO2000 1/2000 so noiselessly. A pretty tough exposure nicely handled too I say. An excellent shot.

Our adult male hummers are pretty much gone now, and we have mostly juvies here whose moulting into adult plumage is a bit less ragged-looking than the adults. And yes that was an SX30 Hummer shot on the Salvia above. We have quite many captures of them from both the SX30 and the SX40. Here's a recent favorite from the SX40:

Hummingbirds In-flight Gallery: !i=2056053689&k=XFB8gsX

best regards,

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