XE-1 - Love at first sight

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Re: XE-1 - Love at first sight

Did people really expect that this camera would be an exact replica of the X-Pro1 without the OVF? Obviously FUji is trying to cater to those individuals who cant afford an X-Pro1. THey had to shave off some costs someplace. Would you rather they did so in the department of IQ? Didn't think so! LOL..

John is right. If you want all the bells and whistles of the X-Pro1, then buy an X-Pro1.... It's kind of simple when you think of it..

John Motts wrote:

If you're getting an X Pro 1 for far less money, then obviously something has to give. In this case it's the screen.

So either pay for an X Pro 1 or compromise.

Or whinge.

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