Infinity focus - have we got it wrong?

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Re: Wrong COC

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Just realized you probably have a units problem. 115microns is 4.5mil - were you trying to set 4.5microns, but ended up with mil (0.001") as the unit instead?

In Australia we've used metric units for a long time, but when we did use "Imperial" units (I'm sure you wouldn't call it that in the US), for 1/1000th of an inch we usually used the term "thou" (short for "thousandth"). Is "thou" used at all in the US?

Actually, if I see "mil" I assume you're referring to 1/1000 of a metre i.e. 1mm.

When it comes to a millionth of an inch do you guys just give up and use the metric unit instead: micrometer/micrometre/micron/µ?

I presume in US science that metric is the predominant measurement system, but what about in US engineering?


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