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Three important attributes - for me.

I am not an X-user, I am a current FZ50 user. My FZ30 and FZ50 are my only cameras. Agreeing with Ronnie H, yes the FZ30 can also be placed along side the FZ50 for all the rich features listed and those every one has added in this thread. (Years ago I had my FZ30 repaired - blown main fuse - and I sometimes have them both 30 & 50 side by side, with remote shutters and on tripods, to shoot different angles or different subjects at the same time.

But no one has mentioned 3 features that are deal killers for me. Considered extremely important for my requirements are the following attributes of the FZ30 and FZ50:-

  • 1) A connection for A/V out. (For me this allows constant observation, even hidden, without gluing an eyeball to the EVF and getting a stiff neck. Limitations of my eyesight prevent using the LCD to see small details.) See

  • 2) A connection for a Remote Shutter operation. (Needless to say this eliminates gluing ones finger on the shutter button, to be ready for that precise moment. You can wait comfortably a few feet away or even out of sight. A Remote Shutter also allows timed and time-lapse shooting.)

  • 3) A connection for an A/C adapter/charger. (With this there's no chance, after waiting and watching for 5 hours - I have gone longer - that the battery dies shooting just 2 or 3 frames into the event. And with an inexpensive auto converter plugged into your car, it can be done off the grid.)

These 3 features are a necessity in my shooting these nature scenes that require extremely long waiting and watching, often multiples of hours, for "the" moment when it all begins.
The examples were shot with FZ30 but all applications apply to the FZ50.

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