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Re: Speculations and speculations

Usee wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Actually I think Carl has been kidnapped by space aliens and it's so peaceful and quiet up there in comparison to here that he doesn't want to come back.

...well, that seems to be one of the better guesses - at least in comparison to ancient guesses around Foveon technologie and Sigma cameras...

...the most interesting conversations I had with Sigma associated people (official and inofficial) was the ones with Carl - maybe he was too TRUE for the others...

I saws them myself, they were, were, scary things. Somethin' about takin' all the Sigma users 'cause they represented superior intelligence here on Earth.

The scariest thing was... they wore Canon t-shirts and their spaceship it was shaped like a giant Canon 70-300L.

I may never sleep again.

...but You may be right, Mike.

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