Lens serial numbers

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Re: Lens serial numbers

Ian wrote:

I have already seen a message earlier that says that a USA 50mm f1.8 lens has US XXXXXXX after it....

To my knowledge this has never been done before as all the lenses are coming from the same factory, why should they have US on I really can not explain..

I have a USAxxx one and a USxxx one. I suspect what is going on is Nikon USA is figuring a way on their "grey market lens issues" and it avoids them needing a special "Yellow Paper" insert for the additional years of service. Avoids that issue when they go in for service or a call to them and finding out they can or cannot get warranty service from the serial prefix.

The lenses I have that begin with Lxxx came with the "Yellow Paper" and my USxxx one did not. Could be those Lxxx lenses were imports from wherever during shortages and Nikon USA added the "Yellow Paperwork" to verify that they are not the "terrible greys" they so deplore. I did get asked for the "Yellow Papers" on one that went in that only had the Lxxx designation. No issues once they saw it.


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