7-14, 9-18 or 12-35 for my next trip?

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Nokton 17.5 vs Zeiss 18mm?

g2van wrote:

I had the 12 but sold it becos (for me) it was too restrictive at the wide end to justify its price and once I had the EM5, speed at wide end wasn't a real issue for landscape/cityscapes, so I got the 9-18 and also the Samyang/Rokinon 7.5 fisheye and couldn't be happier. If you really love the 12, then maybe forget UWA and get a fisheye. The 7-14 might be tempting but only if you are happy with the weight of your travel bag becos if you really like primes, you might soon be tempted by the CV Nokton 17.5/0.95 which is large and heavy (relatively speaking by mft terms) and then the 7-14 might take it over the top?

Fisheye is great but just couldn't get over the limitation that defishing means losing information in the corners. Wish the manufacturers had a rectilinear lens at that range.

But you did inspire me to investigate maybe getting a Zeiss 18mm so I can use it both on my DSLR and the EM5 since the Zeiss is almost the same price as Nokton 17.5! Unfortunately the Zeiss 18mm is only f/3.5 so won't be as "low light capable" as the Nokton.

Speaaking of Zeiss, it seems they will be announcing whole bunch of lenses at Photokina for m43 so next year we'll have even a wider range to choose from, good times!

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