Need help with RAW files processing

Started Sep 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Detail Man
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Re: DetailMan.. DNG question

Chas2 wrote:


Is there any advantage to using DNG?

No. Not when the original RAW can be processed instead.

I know Adobe LR4 can automatically convert your raw files (Panny GH1, GF1 in my case) to DNG, but I tried that once and it really increases the import time. Do you lose anything from changing to DNG?

Potentially. Could impact non-Adobe applications. Keep RAWs in their original form.

Why would I want to work in DNG if it is a proprietary (though I suppose open) format?

Can't think of any reason. I see DNG format only as an alternate way to process newer incompatible cameras in older Adobe applications. I don't use DNGs at all, or use Adobe apps much.

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