OM-D review after extensive use while traveling

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Re: Some extra toughts

In broad daylight I used nd filters to compensate for the amount of light to get slower shutter speeds. I used this f.e. to make water silky instead of harsh waves or ripples. using nd filters I could go for a few seconds exposure on a tripod keeping subjects sharp but water silky smooth. Some images provided in album to check.

When I wanted to take late evening or night shots, I always used the mini tripod. In some occasions I ended up using my remote shutter trigger cable and set the camera for live bulb. When you do, while the shutter is pressed the lcd regularly updates the image and you can watch it being developed. The intervals for showing an update can be programmed. Looking closely on the lcd you can decide when to stop. In some other occasions I just checked the available light by using manual mode, setting the wanted aperture and increasing the exposure time watching the light meter on the lcd. That worked also very well (both habour shots f.e.).

The 30 sec shot of the parlement building with the moon on the left (lighting the clouds in a pitch black sky) is a series of shots where I tried 6,15,30 seconds and selected the best image after reviewing.

But the great thing with buld exposures is that the OMD let's you view a live images while being 'developed'...

929406 wrote:

Regarding some of the long exposures in your set, can you detail how you got those shots? The one area I want to learn more about on the OMD is bulb exposures, I have read it is a very handy feature of being able to view the result but have not had a chance to try it out yet.

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