E-M5 with FL-600 bounce flash issues...

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Re: E-M5 with FL-600 bounce flash issues...

Gregm61 wrote:

radamo wrote:

I have recently purchased the FL-600 for my E-M5. I have been experimenting with the flash's ability to use "bounce" flash. Two things I am noticing in TTL-A mode:
1. My pictures seem to be underexposed by about a stop

Are you bouncing the flash off ceilings or using modifyers? Ceiling heights will greatly affect working distance since light is scattered further and the FL600R is not that powerful a flash to begin with. I use a Demb modifyer and even it causes the camera to go into the higher ISO range when using the FL600R beyond just a few feet. If you use bounce over anything other than the shortest of distances, you need to be using a flash like the FL50R, not the FL600R.

The room was a small 15 x 15 foot room and I was usually a few feet, up to 8 ft away and a min of 4 ft away from my subject. Ceiling was white and angled towards the middle of the room.

2. My batteries are draining really quickly

Alkalines or rechargeables? Alkaline cells are not a good choice if you need fast recycle times, and they get slower and slower as you use them. Buy Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables. They offer near instantaneous recycle times and do so until they need to be recharged.

Always use rechargeables. Have been for years. These are from a set that have had about 10 charges so far.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? Should I be using Auto for bounce flash?

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