Want to buy a MBPR but afraid, have some questions

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Re: Want to buy a MBPR but afraid, have some questions

Thanks Tom, I suspected that this was just how it works.
No real problem, just "different".
I did find how you can move the menu bar and that can help.


Tom_N wrote:

Albert de Bruijn wrote:

At this moment, the only thing I find somewhat "strange" is how the application menus go into the "bar" along the top of the screen and do not "stick" to the window the application is running in. I find this particularly awkward when using multiple monitors where I have my application running in one monitor and its menu is stuck at the top of the other monitor. I suppose I will get used to that (I have not found any remedy to that and I suspect that is just how the Finder works).

It's how the GUI works. To some extent, the Finder is just another application - just one that launches automatically and that you can't permanently quit.

When you're working on a single screen, the "menu bar per screen" approach can actually be faster, because you can quickly move the mouse pointer in the direction of the top of the screen without having to correct for overshooting. I can see how with multiple screens, a single menu bar on a single monitor might start to get a bit inconvenient.

If I remember correctly, the Monitors preferences dialog does let you choose which display gets the menu bar. I don't know if that helps.

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