Corrupted images using card readers but not with cameras

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Re: Corrupted images using card readers but not with cameras

Check out these other two posts:

They both deal with corrupted images (my original post is the secong link) with the 5D Mark III. What camera were you using?

My photos are posted and it did turn out to be a card reader issue. The other post seems to be different in that the camera display showed a bad image. With mine the image in the camera display was ok when I went back and looked. The bad images were from a portable Lexar reader. I used another reader (at home) and the images seemed good.

I guess what is odd is this never seemed to happen on any of my other Canon cameras (10D and 5D Mark II). That said, my reader errors came off the SD card and not the CF card (I was writing to both at the time). The people from LensRental had an idea as to the problem - heat building up in the SD write circuit when shooting rapid fire!

I am a pretty technical guy and therefore I am 99% sure that bits written to the card are either "on" or "off" and there is no such thing as "partly on" or "partly off" - sort of a "weak" write! I rather think it is in the read process of the card reader and not the card.

Who knows - just frustrating unil someone comes up with something definititve.


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