E-7 or change to m4/3

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Re: E-7 or change to m4/3

i think the coming of E7 is still a rumour and when it appear is nobody knows.. but there are diferences between OMD and 4/3 body camera like E5 or next E7. it is all depend on what you likely to shoot, if you gonna use your camera for travelling, landcape, macro, i think the the OMD is more than enough in fact they already have wide range of lens from 7mm - 300mm but when you gonna shoot sport or action photo i believe you gonna lose a lot good moment because the best lens with wide aperture is only available at 4/3 mount and sadly we have to use converter if we are going to use it on m4/3 body and that will sacrifice the AF speed.. beside most of the 4/3 l3ns is design with phase detetion while m4/3 body is usiing contrast detection..

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