35L or 50L as walkaround lens

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what a crock...

DerStig wrote:

The whole it matches to human eye argument should not mislead you. Unfortunately when you are working with real people, not studio subjects, 50mm is just too long. So to summarize:

  • Its too long.

Too long for what? Too long for you, but not necessarily for others. Henri Cartier-Bresson seemed to manage OK with a 50mm manual focus lens!

  • Focuses slow.

Not really. Slower than the 35L but not 'slow'

  • Out of focus images.

For you maybe. Mine is no better or worse than any of my other lenses.

  • Open glass/front focusing (the front of the lens is open, unless you put on a filter, it will suck dust in, even with filter, it's pretty exposed).

Goodness me - is that really a reason NOT to buy a lens? Just leave it in the box if you're that worried!

The 50L isn't perfect, but neither is the 35L. But saying a 35mm lens does the job of a 50mm lens is not true.

To the OP, just base your decision on your favourite focal length. Either lens is outstanding.

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