Why buy the X-PRO1 instead of the X-E1?

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Re: Why buy the X-PRO1 instead of the X-E1?

Can someone sell me the OVF a bit more. I have the x pro-1 and love it. I was drawn to the OVF but in practice have gravitated to the evf because of fear of framing error with the OVF. Every time I do a test I find the image taken does not match the framing i've done.

I bought x-pro1 over OM D because I wanted more old style dials (im 49) .. but if xe1 has super duper EVF then you could have best of both worlds. My professional video camera has high grade evf looking through lens with manual focus and aperture. So I get WYSIWYG for focus and exposure which is hard to let go of when you switch to a still camera.

I would urge you to actually handle both and compare the evf quality. And feel in hands. The joy or annoyance of electronic world is that the x-pro2 will no doubt appear later in 2013... with the oled evf

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