Nikon 24-85VR V 24-120 Real world test

Started Sep 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Reilly Diefenbach
Reilly Diefenbach Forum Pro • Posts: 11,820
Re: Nikon 24-85VR V 24-120 Real world test

I tested mine at 35mm against my 35f2D at f5.6 and the 24-85VR is indistinguishable from the 35 until you get to the far corners. A very nice lens for the purpose.

A tip for the newbies. If you have a high MP camera like the D7000, D3200, D800, overframe your shot by 5mm and crop out the difference in post. You lose the soft corners and come out with a pic that is sharp edge to edge. The D800 does this to perfection.

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