Got a very good deal on a high res matte 2011 MBP at Microcenter

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Re: Got a very good deal on a high res matte 2011 MBP at Microcenter

graybalanced wrote:

but my post was more of a response to those who think that everyone should naturally go for the Retina these days, because I don't agree with that.

I agree. I love the retina display on my iPad and would love one on my Mac, but at the moment there is a cost in power which means larger heavier hotter devices. Apart from the awesome display, My iPad 2 is mostly better than the new iPad in that it charges faster, works with more chargers, lasts longer, and is thinner. When I saw the new rMBP, I loved the display, and really want one for my photography, but it's just too heavy for travel at the moment.

There is a strong rumour for a 13" rMBP announcement within the next month or so, so I may yet be tempted, but I see retina as a true rev 1 technology, meaning there are lots of improvements ahead for rev 2/3/etc.

Still, if it wasn't for the travelling, I'd take the current rMBP in a heartbeat.


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