S100 after 2nd repair

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Re: S100 after 2nd repair

The P7000 was notorious for lens cover problems but I did not think the P7100 had this problem. These built in covers whilst convenient do mean that you have to protect the cover when the camera is off as much as the lens when it is on. A UV filter is by far the best lens cover.

Do not forget that many people seem keen to put these cameras in their pockets in which case bent lens cover blades are virtually guaranteed.

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The clock is ticking, gail, till your next repair. Time to get a Nikon P7100.

P7100 is already known for the lens cover mechanism problem. I've given up on cameras with a retracting lens and an automatic lens cover altogether. Canon S90/95/100 are the worst in this respect. I still own an S95 but I treat it as already dead, so that I don't get frustrated when it actually dies on me with that lens error (which will happen, I don't kid myself here). My strategy is called "rotation". I rotate S95, G12, and Panasonic LX5, all of which I own. I figured, the three of them are different enough to give me the most fun out of shooting, and together they should last me a long enough time.

I also have a Canon G2, which, despite its age, the 4-megapixel sensor, and the effective ISO-400 still does an excellent job in good light. Now, those older Powershots were built like tanks. This particular camera is from 2001 (I think) and it looks and works like new. The picture quality is indistinguishable from the current Powershots and rivals many current cameras from other manufacturers. For a true photographer, this is a perfect camera choice. Being a lamer myself, I buy more and more gear (just like everybody else nowadays). With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction!

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