Just Lost My Brand-New RX100... for real :-(

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Re: Just Lost My Brand-New RX100... for real :-(

B1ackhat wrote:

That sucks. I lost my $300 Garmin handheld GPS while hiking over the summer and when I called the park office to leave my info, the ranger said something to the effect of: "I'm happy to take your info, but if anyone finds it, they're not likely to turn it in." There are honest people out there, but they're few and far between imho.

There are more honest people than you think but often the problem is that when you find some lost object there is no name or address to contact the owner... I once found an iPod touch and fortunately I found one e-mail address deep down in some menu which was not the owner but a friend. Otherwise I would have kept it.

So my advice, put at least a small sticker with your phone or e-mail address on any expensive object.

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