7-14, 9-18 or 12-35 for my next trip?

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Don't get any of these lenses?

Albert Ang wrote:

24-70mm in FF or 17-55 in crop-sensor dslr offer the most versatile focal length. When i used dslr, 17-55mm takes around 70-80% of my total photos. In travelling, the least thing I want to do is to keep changing lens.

For m43, I have a mixed feeling about Pana 12-35mm. Firstly, f2.8 for m43 sensor doesn't allow shallow dof for my taste. I can tolerate the f2.8 for crop-sensor dslr, but for m43, it's pretty hard to isolate your object - which is often the reason to get the fast zoom lens. Hopefully Olympus will introduce f2 12-35mm for aorund $1600.
Secondly, the price is ~$200 overpriced imo.

I'm never a big fan of UWA or WA, because I found it's hard to compose the scene. You need very good eyes on the composition, otherwise, the photo will look very flat and boring.

Albert, if I understood what you said above correctly, it sounds like I should acquire none of these lenses because of their flaws, which of course will translate into a massive saving of my travel funds

Do you have an alternative?

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