The wife wants me to sell some

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Re: The wife wants me to sell some

RDMPhotos wrote:

Hello .. I don't mean to sound ignorant , but I have a question.

Why is that lens called the secret handshake? .. I have heard that term from time to time and can never find out why .

There is 2 schools of thought due to the quality of the lens 1- Minolta had a secret joint veture with lieca to make the lens. 2- Minolta used it to say thanks to their loyal customers and didnt make a fuss when it was sold. Apparently it was only years afterwood that people relised how good it actualy is. Either way I think its a good bit of kit.

Sorry I Don't mean to sound like a Novice. I'm quite the opposite actually. I just never really got into the A mount system.. I have used Minolta Film cameras and refused to give up all my lovely Rokkor an other HQ MD lenses. SO I never made the switch to the Alpha system Instead waiting for system i could use glassless adapters , and continued to use wonderful film and scan, until Olympus And Panasonic came along. Now I have a wonderful home for all my lenses, and I still cant part with any of them .

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