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Re: Enticing!! My LX5 has a new home and...

Mike C wrote:

the current plan is to replace it with a second GX1 or a GX2.

But, I could still get bitten for the third time by the LX bug. There's just too much to like about that camera for video and stills.

I had recently bought GF2 for funny money (new from shop), but two days after I returned it. I could not live without all the benefits of LX5.

  • no need to change lens (it is 2.0, it is zoom, it covers most needed range)

  • silent, no clanking sound.

  • lots of controls, modes and manual video mode

  • FV control

  • multiaspect sensor

Now I'm looking forward to LX7 as it has 1 stop advantage in lens, some advantage in noise, better looking colors (there is something wrong with red-orange-yellow in LX5 RAW), filter adapter now on lens and camera is compact, faster.

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