Pictures possible on Pentax ONLY!

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Zvonimir Tosic
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You're forgetting 645D+55mm, and Pentax Q+47mm

Some very unique captures are possible with those — if we are to eliminate image cropping and adjusting of other camera outputs made to match 645D's and Q's above mentioned focal lengths and pixel counts.

henning kraggerud wrote:

This is a thread a bit inspired by the WR-thread.

Question is,what situations could we imagine where the actual photo would be possible on Pentax ONLY.
If anybody have examples all the better.
But bizarre thoretic thinking is also welcome.

This is for fans of Pentax not afraid of thinking up extreme situations.

I for instance imagine that extreme shallow focus handheld self portraits by reflection in a window or mirror where you can sharply see the photographer and nonprotected camera get soaked while people walk by out of focus and really blurred by subject movement. This is possible with K-5 and DA* 55mm 1.4 and SR engaged,but maybe impossible with non Pentax without harming the equipment.

no other system have f 1.4 stabilized on WR this big sensor?

But I am sure people can find other situations involving maybe astro tracking or fisheye zoom ,or special pentax optics
lowlight macro ir

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