EM-5 suitable for kids and pet photography?

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Re: I got it I got it!

realq86 wrote:

Thanks for everyone's input and I do have a E-M5 and Panasonic 12-35 in hand now!

Congratulations! Getting an itch for that 12-35, hmm...

I want to let everyone know you were all right on the long and short coming of the E-M5's AF.

Well, I hope we all helped you to get a more reasonable expectation of what you'd be getting.

It exceeded my expectations but did come short of ultimately what I hoped. Contrast-detection continus is probably still not there with phase-detection, but it'll do for now.

Coming from a PDAF Canon dSLR, what really caught me off-guard is how CDAF is prone to lock on the background. If you enable all focus points on a PDAF camera, you can be sure it locks the focus on the front-most subject (unless its so far off the AF sensors doesn't cover the subject at all, that is). In contrast, it feels the OM-D in S-AF can sometimes have a problem sensing the depth of subjects in the scene, i.e. what is closer and what is further away, just picking something with lots of detail - such as a busy background. Of course there is a set of AF tools there in the camera, so we just have to train on using them to the best of our ability... keep shooting and practicing, I guess!

But I've to say the S-AF is good enough for the short hand moment and the overall package's size is unbeatable! This will make a ultimate travel camera, while I can always get a full-frame dSLR for my really really difficult situations.

That's what I thought too! I like the fact that I can put the camera in one pocket in my jacket, with a "shootable body cap" i.e. a pancake prime on it, and the 75-300 (150-600 equivalent) in my other jacket pocket, even on an everyday trip to work. Great stuff!!

btw, I do not have the "Designed in Tokyo, made in China" sticker on the bottom of the body, why so?

Good question. Never new I had one. Looking at the bottom, it does say "DESIGNED BY OLYMPUS IN TOKYO, MADE IN CHINA" (yes in all caps, lol)

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