Want to buy a MBPR but afraid, have some questions

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Re: Want to buy a MBPR but afraid, have some questions

I recently made this move.

After about 12 years on Windows, I moved back to Mac with the purchase of a MBPro retina. Best computer I've ever owned. Period.
See below

rinzler88 wrote:

So i'm a windows user, whose been wanting to move to Mac for awhile now, and i want to get a MBPR but I've heard a couple of disheartening things about it and wanted to see if anybody here is having any of these problems.

1. Bad battery life (about 3-4 hrs) since ML update

My MBPr came with ML so I have nothing to compare it with. However, my Sony VIAO would last just over 2 hours, I've used the MBP for more that 6 hours and it was only down to 18% so I am delighted with the battery performance.

2. Image retention on display (burn-in)

Only had mine for 4 weeks and it it superb.

3. Constant system freezes

Not one so far and I think I have done "stupid" things while getting used to the Mac.

4. Strange creaking sounds (bad build quality)

No idea what this is, but mine certainly does not "creak". In fact, I am still amazed at the slick, beautiful finish of the aluminum casing and solid feel of the thing. I am also still impressed how thin this thing is.
Overall, I can certainly recommend it.

I had a Sony VIAO and an HP inspiron and the MBPr beats them both is so many ways. Faster, much higher resolution screen, thinner, better battery life and lighter in weight.

I added a 3-button mouse (I can't seem to get used to Apple's single button version) which "just worked".

I networked the MBPr with other, Windows 7, devices around the house with no issue whatsoever. Connected to printers and scanners around the house without any issue, hooked up my external disk drives without any mishap and installed my favorite software without any trouble. Many of the software packages just needed a re-download (of the Mac version) and I could use the same license key. This applied to Lightroom 4, Nik HDR Efex Pro, NIK Color Efex Pro, Photomatix and all my Topaz plugins.

Microsoft Office looks and works great on the Mac and I also use some open source stuff like FireFox browser and Thunderbird for email.

Overall I am VERY happy with my move.

I expected that I needed to allow time to get used to the environment, (keyboard shortcuts, setup, etc) and while that was indeed needed, it all went quicker than I thought.

At this moment, the only thing I find somewhat "strange" is how the application menus go into the "bar" along the top of the screen and do not "stick" to the window the application is running in. I find this particularly awkward when using multiple monitors where I have my application running in one monitor and its menu is stuck at the top of the other monitor. I suppose I will get used to that (I have not found any remedy to that and I suspect that is just how the Finder works).

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