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Re: FZ200 looks great to me

quezra wrote:

I think the problem in the discussion is that the FZ fans are overstating the results of the new FZ200 a little, and the pictures clearly not as good as a DSLR's even with a poorer lens and/or cropping.

This is really what I'm trying to find out, and is why I'm posting on this forum. The FZ-200 is still not available where I am.

I did think a few weeks ago of buying an FZ150, which is readily available and at a significant lower price, and comparing that with my Canon 50D and 100-400 zomm. If I found the FZ150 seriously lacking in image quality at 600m and the same fast shutter speeds I use with my 100-400 at 400mm, I would return the camera, or sell it, or give it away, and save myself the extra expense of an FZ200, on the basis that the FZ200 would be only marginally better than the FZ150 in terms of fundamental image quality.

I placed the order, then cancelled it. Surely the 'Panasonic Talk' forum at Dpreview would provide the answers, I thought. (Smiley).

But never mind! Patience is the best policy I think. The detailed, professionally conducted reviews will soon be out I expect, although I'm not sure that reviewers are going to provide the comparisons at the focal lengths in which I'm mainly interested, in the range of 300 to 600mm.

The first review that's now available, from Australia actually, provided Imatest results for lens sharpness, but didn't test beyond 44mm. The 600mm equivalent is 108mm, a long way off.

I think the FZ200 is appealing to two different markets, broadly speaking. The person who wants the best quality, reasonably light and inexpensive camera to suit all purposes, and the DSLR owner who is attracted by the potential of an extremely lightweight and inexpensive 600/F2.8 lens.

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