i dont understand why the printing company wanted srgb

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Re: i dont understand why the printing company wanted srgb

TIFF, formally tagged image file format , but often known colloquially as thousands of incompatible file formats , is really now a container class and could possibly contain nothing much more than a jpeg.

Most often it is used to wrap and tag bitmapped files, but as such they do not have to be huge. TIFF allows for several compression algorithms, most but not all of which are lossless.

A jpg saved at the lowest compression ratio can be quite large too. And TIFF isn’t necessarily 16 bits per channel RGB, it can be 8 bit or even CMYK.

TIFF is not horribly large, it is as large as is necessary. Nor is it more outdated than standard jpg, which is a much less flexible format. There are 16 bit jpg standards, but I don’t know of any major software or camera that supports them. There have been exempts to modernize jpg (JPEG2000, for example), but they have largely failed to catch on.

If anything, jpg is more outdated than TIFF, There are much better lossy compression algorithms out there now with higher compression ratios and lower data loss.

Brian A

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